Why create your own Alexa Skill?
There are over 100 million Alexa devices sold worldwide and still growing. Create your own Alexa Skill and let users of Amazon Smart speakers easily tune in to your station.

Alexa Skill

$ 49.95 USD One Time
Your custom invocation name
Publication on Amazon Store included
Multilingual support
Start/play/launch radio stream
The current title information
Compatible with Amazon Echo & Alexa Devices

    Handy commands to launch your radio station on Alexa
    Alexa, enable {Your Radio Name}

    Simple activation on Alexa devices by a voice command or through Amazon App

    Alexa, launch {Your Radio Name}

    Easily launch and control radio stream with customizable voice commands

    Alexa, ask {Your Radio Name}, title please?

    Whenever asked, Alexa tells the current track title, artist name or broadcast data

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Create a unique invocation that will bring up your radio stations on Amazon Echo Speakers (e.g. Alexa, play Top Hits Radio). Just fill-in one simple form to have your Alexa Skill created and published!
    Your Radio Skill will be officially published on the Amazon Store and available for Alexa Echo devices.
    Your invocation name should be two or more words, and can contain only lower-case alphabetic characters, spaces between words, possessive apostrophes (for example, ”sam's online radio”). Abbreviations should be marked as periods, for example, FM is marked as ”f. m.”. All numbers must be spelled out, for example: ”radio twenty one”. Invocation names cannot contain any of the Alexa launch phrases such as ”launch”, ”ask”, ”tell”, ”open”, ”load”, ”begin”, and ”enable”. Wake words including ”Alexa”, ”Amazon”, ”Echo”, ”Computer”, or the words ”skill” or ”app” are not allowed. Learn more
    Your Skill can be created in one of following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Hindi and Japanese.
    You can ask Alexa to launch your station, by telling her: Alexa, play {Radio Name}, Alexa, launch {Radio Name}, Alexa, open {Radio Name}, Alexa, load {Radio Name} or Alexa, start {Radio Name}. Ask about the currently played track title: ask {Radio Name} what is current title, ask {Radio Name} title, or ask {Radio Name} please title.

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